Top 10 Email Marketing "Don'ts"

Email marketing is a great way to establish a wider audience for your products and services if your email marketing efforts are employed appropriately. Let's look at the top ten email marketing "don'ts" that can make your email marketing efforts a huge disappointment.

  Email Marketing "Don't" #1: Not Using Permission Based Mailing List

Email marketing should only be undertaken with a valid subscriber list of opt-in consumers who have agreed to receive emails from you. Sending emails without permission often means that you are sending spam, which is illegal. Email lists that are not verifiably permission based can get you in a heap of hot water, so avoid them.

 Email Marketing "Don't" #2 - Not Realizing that Content is King

No matter the functionality of your email subscriber list - if you send out junky emails that have no purpose or are not entertaining, your audience will not be receptive and will not respond. Opt instead for engaging content that is brief and to the point.

 Email Marketing "Don't" #3 - Sending out Emails with Errors

A big mistake that many marketers make is not taking the time to write content that is error-free and has great grammar. Your email should have working links, too. Your email is your chance to make a good impression - don't blow it.

 Email Marketing "Don't" #4 - Making Readers "Bend over Backwards"

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to sign up for a newsletter or be added to a subscriber list only to find out that you have to jump through hoops to do so. Endless forms, required clicks on many pages - these are all irritants that might have the reader calling it quits before they opt-in.

 Email Marketing "Don't" #5 - From and Subject Lines Confusing

The "from" and subject line of your email is of particular importance to the success of your campaign and to improved response rates. Be clear when composing these elements because the reader may determine that they don't know you and aren't interested in you when in fact they are.

 Email Marketing "Don't" #6 - Failing to Test Your Email

It is important to your response rate that you test the emails you are planning to send beforehand. Establish multiple email accounts and send out tests to those emails - including Yahoo, G-Mail, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, and others so that you can be aware of any errors before the campaign is launched.

 Email Marketing "Don't" #7 - Failing to Make a Call to Action

You obviously want something when you send out an email - so be specific. You must make a clear and concise call to action in your email. What do you want the recipient to do? Let them know in no uncertain terms or they will do nothing.

 Email Marketing "Don't" #8 - Email has too Many Graphics

Too many graphics translates to slower loading time and confusion for the recipient. Keep your graphics small scale for the best effect.

 Email Marketing "Don't" #9 - No Landing Page

Every email that you send out needs its own landing page, and not just a page that directs them to check out and pay for an item.

 Email Marketing "Don't" #10 - Not Giving the Reader what they Want

If you are sending out a newsletter - don't focus solely on selling the customer on a product or service. Instead, focus on providing the recipient of the email with something they can use - whether it's entertaining or informative - the reader wants to know that they are getting something of value.