The Importance of Sending Regular Emails: Consistency is Key

When it comes to email marketing, consistency is a vital element to success. Why? It is important to remind your customers who you are, and if it has been a long time since your last email blast, consider sending slowly to your list to avoid a high complaint rate. Many subscribers who shop online frequently will not even remember purchasing from your site if your list is over a year old. You may even consider adding your unsubscribe box to the top of your emails so your recipients are less likely to hit the spam button. A study by the Winterberry Group found that marketing via email averages a return of $15 for every dollar spent during the campaign which is much higher than with direct mail or telemarketing campaigns. Because of the lucrative nature of email marketing, sending out regular emails to market your products and services just makes good business sense.

  Advancing Customer Relationships

As important as acquiring new prospects, it is just as important to build relationships within the list you already own. List maintenance is important, and sending out regular emails and newsletters to the prospects on your list is the best way to introduce new products and to advance the probability of re-orders. Your opt-in list of subscribers who have already visited your website are obviously interested in what you have to offer them - so use that to your advantage. Consistently executed email marketing campaigns encourage repeat business and keeps your brand's name out there building your brand awareness.

 Consistently Relevant Content

By consistent email marketing, it is important to keep your content similar from blast to blast. If your messages vary dramatically from topic to topic, you will lose the interest of your prospect and devalue the relationship that you are trying to build. Keep your marketing emails relative to your business or industry, or take it a step further with list segments so you can get even more specific messages to the appropriate subscribers.

 Consistent Frequency of Email Marketing Messages

Timing, or the frequency of your email marketing messages is necessary so the recipient see's your latest messages as legitimate. Based on your type of business or company, you might consider sending weekly, biweekly, or monthly communications, but for every company the timing varies. Send period tests, from two a week to one a month, and then see your complaint, unsubscribe and bounce rates. Should you see a spike in those numbers, slow the frequency of your message down.