Increasing Conversion Rates in Email Marketing

Running a successful email marketing campaign really comes down to the numbers - sales figures and conversion rates. Top email marketers rely on a variety of tactics to increase conversion rates in order to maximize their bottom lines. Let's look at some key strategies that you can follow to manager your subscriber list and maximize your emails responses while increasing your conversion rates and overall performance.

  Conversion Rate Increase Tip #1

Getting the subscriber to sign up is just part of the process of building and maintaining a great email list (and thus increasing your response rate). Once the subscriber signs up on your opt-in page, your email program should generate an email to welcome them as a registered member and to let them know what you have to offer them. This welcome email is expected and could include registration details, a special welcome incentive, or other offer. The welcome email is the key to forming a good relationship with the subscriber that will continue to be developed through follow-up emails.

 Conversion Rate Increase Tip #2

Be passionate and enthusiastic about what you have to offer, and make sure that the product or service you offer is something that your subscriber can benefit from. Only promote quality products and when composing your email marketing messages, include a product recommendation. This personalizes the experience for the recipient and can make a big impact on their decision to buy or not to buy.

 Conversion Rate Increase Tip #3

Grab the subscriber's attention with great copywriting skills. An effective message will activate an emotional response from the recipient. You must work diligently to write engaging headlines for your email messages because that will be the first thing that the recipient looks at. Whether you are appealing to their needs, wants, or even their apprehensions and anxieties in the copy that you create - your goal is to get them to read on (and act on their emotions).

 Conversion Rate Increase Tip #4

Don't overlook the power of the third party testimonial. Oftentimes a third party validation is what is needed to pique a subscriber's curiosity and push them towards a purchase or activation of service. Corroboration from someone who is respected justifies needs and wants in the eyes of many would-be customers and also lends credibility to the product (if celebrity XYZ uses this - it must be worth trying). Third party testimonials work to substantiate your product, service, and company and do not have to be from celebrity endorsers - current client and customer feedback can be used in this regard as well.

 Conversion Rate Increase Tip #5

When you are selling a product or service via email marketing, you will encounter a huge number of "doubting Thomases" and skeptics. For this reason, it is important to offer the customer the security of potential recourse if they aren't satisfied with what you are offering. A worry free money back guaranteed is always the optimal offering for potential customers - and knowing that they can have their money back if they have any problems with their purchase (for any reason) is a big plus to many people. Accentuate your return policy and make it very liberal.

 Conversion Rate Increase Tip #6

Send out gifts to your subscribers from time to time. Whether it's an interesting e-book, a free software download, or a gift certificate for $10 off of their next purchase, a gift from you draws attention and creates the notion that you have their best interests in mind. Gifts can be rewards for previous purchases, tokens of esteem on a subscriber's birthday, or awarded for other reasons. Everyone loves a freebie.

 Conversion Rate Increase Tip #7

Sweepstakes or contests are always appealing to consumers because they play on your subscriber's competitive nature. From contests to see who can get the most new subscriber's for your email list to less obvious contests like an entrance to win a gift certificate of "X" amount for use on your website - contests are big sellers and can improve your conversion rate substantially.