Types of Email Marketing

The term 'email marketing' normally causes people to think of an email that is sent out with one ulterior motive - making a sale. While adding customers and gaining sales is the most important goal of email marketing, there are other types of email marketing that can be used to benefit your business that are not sales-related but can end up contributing to brand awareness and ultimately improve your bottom line. Let's look at the different types of email marketing that can benefit your business - a mix of emails sent out at strategic points in your marketing campaign can really make a difference in your sales numbers.

  Quick Announcement Emails

Often referred to as 'postcard emails', quick announcement emails are just that - a brief email that announces a special sale, limited time offer, or new product (among other things). Typically featuring a call to action that is simple to understand, the quick announcement email should be easily scanned by the recipient in just a matter of seconds.

 Newsletter Emails

The email newsletter is used to help establish or reinforce the relationship that you are building with your clients and customers and indirectly results in an increase in sales in most instances. The focus of the newsletter email is providing useful, relevant, and entertaining content that attracts the interest of your subscribers and those on your mailing list. While ideally, the content of your newsletter should be related to the products and services you offer, it shouldn't be done so in an obvious way. For instance, an online clothing company might send out a monthly newsletter that features beauty tips and fashion tips, or maybe even a rundown on the best dressed actresses of the summer - all of which would catch the attention and pique the interest of those who were interest of those who are interested in fashion.

 Press Release Emails

A great way to attract news coverage is via the press release email, which is especially effective if you have media contacts in your email list. You can also choose to contract a service that will distribute your press releases for you; however, having your own media contacts is the best for sending targeted press releases to interested media outlets.

 Catalog Emails

Catalog emails are typically electronically delivered versions of print brochures that list popular products to encourage the email recipient to make a purchase. Catalog emails are great for sending out to loyal and potential customers to give them a look at upcoming product lines and special deals. Examples of effective catalog emails include:

  • "Best of" and "Our Favorites" email. This email highlights a selection of your company's most popular products.
  • "Customer Favorites" email. This type of email would put an emphasis on the most-sought-after products that you carry. The "customer favorites" email shows the customer that you pay attention to what they like the most - which makes them feel valued and important.
  • "How-To" email. This email will show a customer how to do a particular activity, with links to products that you carry that will make the task easier.